ChatBees is a cutting-edge Serverless Platform powering your LLM Apps! ChatBees provides very simple APIs, enabling you to craft a LLM app for your knowledge base in mere minutes.

You just need 3 steps to build and run the LLM app, including Question Answering, Summary, Semantic Search, and more.

  1. Create a collection.

  2. API to upload files (PDF, MD, CSV, etc), or crawl a data source (Websites, Google Drive, Notion, Confluence and more).

  3. API to ask/chat, summarize, semantic search.

You can ingest data from data sources such as Confluence, Google Drive and Notion using the Ingestion APIs, with more connectors in the pipeline. Feel free to inform us about your preferred data sources and features, and we'll prioritize their integration.

Behind the scenes, ChatBees manages the RAG pipeline on your behalf, seamlessly handling all tasks such as crawling your data sources, parsing data, generating vector indexes, and others. Constructed from the ground up with a serverless architecture, ChatBees automatically adapts to your workloads, eliminating any management concerns and ensuring you are only billed for your actual usage.

Furthermore, ChatBees prioritizes security by implementing robust features such as End-to-End encryption, Key Management, Role-based Access Control (RBAC), etc, guaranteeing the protection of your data and communications. Check out how we secure the whole system on AWS.

Your data will be kept private and NEVER used to train LLM.

Build your own LLM Apps

Check out our quick start Guides and APIs to see how simple it is to develop your LLM Apps using ChatBees APIs.

Struggling to prototype and deploy your LLM App? Look no further! ChatBees Serverless Platform is here to help. Easier to develop your LLM App using ChatBees APIs, and then sit back and relax while ChatBees runs everything for you!

pip install chatbees-python-client or directly send REST request.

📖API Key


To highlight the capability we have developed Website, Slack and Discord Bots. The bots are tailored to assist teams in obtaining instant, high-quality answers to the questions on their servers. You don't need any coding expertise to set up and utilize the bots. In just a few clicks, you can deploy a Web/Slack/Discord bot, train it with your documents, and content, or with responses in the chat. One use case is to utilize the bot for frequently asked questions reducing the workload for customer support.

🪄ChatBees Website ChatBot🪄ChatBees Slack Bot🪄Pnyx Discord Bot

Get in touch!

Need Assistance? For any inquiries regarding ChatBees or to provide us with your feedback, please don't hesitate to email us: build@chatbees.ai

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