📖Namespace and Collection

ChatBees organizes data into Namespaces and Collections. A Collection serves as the fundamental unit for data organization. You can put different data sets into different collections. Meanwhile, a Namespace acts as a higher-level organizational construct for Collections. Within a Namespace, multiple Collections can be created to further categorize data.

You can think about namespace like a schema and collection like a table in Database. Once we fully support user management and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) features, Namespaces can facilitate efficient permission management. For instance, all Collections belonging to a specific Business Unit (BU) could be grouped under a single Namespace, simplifying access permission assignment by granting access to a role at the Namespace level. This way you don't need to repeat the access permission management for every collection.

Currently, the creation of new namespaces is not supported. Each account automatically comes with a default namespace, named "public". When accessing ChatBees REST APIs, please ensure that the namespace is set to "public".

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