You can ask questions within a collection. ask() method returns a plain-text answer to your question, as well as a list of most relevance references used to derive the answer.

By default, ask will get answers from all relevant documents in the collection. If you want to ask a single document, you could limit the document when ask.

POST /docs/ask HTTP/1.1
Api-Key: my_api_key
Content-Type: application/json
Host: my_account_id.us-west-2.aws.chatbees.ai

  "namespace_name": "string",
  "collection_name": "string",
  "question": "string",
  // Optional top_k, default is 5.
  "top_k": int,
  // Optional doc_name. if specified, question will be answered with the
  // context only from the doc.
  "doc_name": "string" or null,
  // The chat history
  history_messages: [(question1, answer1), ...]

  "answer": "string",
  "refs": [
    {"doc_name": "string", "page_num": int, "sample_text": "string"},

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