📖Configure Collection

Configure Collection

You can easily enable/disable whether a collection is publicly readable, or update the description of a collection.

The public_read flag makes the collection publicly readable. You could send an ask request with no Api-Key. This is useful when you want to expose such as a chatbot on your website to automatically answer questions from customers.

https://github.com/ChatBees/chatbees-chat-widget, the simple chatbot, you can customize and add to your website.

POST /collections/configure HTTP/1.1
Api-Key: my_api_key
Content-Type: application/json
Host: my_account_id.us-west-2.aws.chatbees.ai

  "namespace_name": "string",
  "collection_name": "string",
  // description is Optional
  "description": "string" or null,
  // Optional, whether the collection is publicly readable
  "public_read": bool or null,


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