📖Personalize Response

By default, a collection functions as a conventional AI Assistant. If you desire to personalize the response style, such as adopting a pirate persona, you can configure the collection accordingly. Additionally, the ask() function returns "I don't know" if it fails to locate relevant context for the question. You can further customize it to align more closely with your requirements.

POST /docs/configure_chat HTTP/1.1
Api-Key: my_api_key
Content-Type: application/json
Host: my_account_id.us-west-2.aws.chatbees.ai

  "namespace_name": "string",
  "collection_name": "string",
  // Optional, such as a 1600s pirate
  "persona": "string" or null,
  // Optional, change the default "I don't know" response
  "negative_response": "string" or null,


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