🏛️Manage Users

You can invite or remove users within your organization or change their permission

Multi-user support and user management is an Enterprise feature. Please contact us to learn more about our Enterprise offering.

Invite users to join your organization

Users with AccountAdmin role can generate registration links from the UI (links expire after 7 days). Navigate to Users page and click on Generate registration link, then copy the generated link into your clipboard.

Ask your users to register and sign into ChatBees using the registration link and follow the instructions. You can see a list of currently registered users, as well as their assigned roles on the same page.

Access Control

Refer to Access Control section for an overview of how ChatBees manages access to resources.

Newly registered users have AccountUser role, which grants them read-only access to all collections. You can change their assigned role, or remove their access to ChatBees (by deleting the user) from this page.

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