🪄ChatBees Slack Bot

Answer the employees' questions automatically and instantly at any time in Slack. Employees simply type /bees to ask questions privately to the bot. You can also add ChatBees to a channel and employees can ask questions publicly in the channel.

Just follow a few simple steps to add a SlackBot to your Slack workspace:

  1. Sign in to your account

  2. Create a collection

  3. Upload document, crawl a website or ingest a data source

  4. Click the "Integrations"

  5. Click the "Install" for Slack

Grant the permission. ChatBees only requires the necessary permissions to read and send messages.

The employee can directly ask the bot a question, and the interaction will remain private, visible only to the employee. Alternatively, you can add the ChatBees Slackbot to a public channel, allowing everyone in the channel to use the slash command /bees to ask questions publicly.

/bees command

The /bees your question? command is used to ask a question against the collection. The bot will analyze all the documents and information that have been shared in the collection, and generate the relevant answer.

The default permissions for /bees allow everyone to use it in the channel that ChatBees is added to. Please make sure you add ChatBees to the channels that people want to use it.

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